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Lislie Bio

Leslie Hlavinka

Leslie has been practicing yoga for over 15 years and is an instructor at the RYT 200 level. She has been blessed with the opportunity to study with many gifted students and teachers along the way. Yoga has given her many gifts, physically, mentally and spiritually, and she is grateful to be able to share

All level, level 1, 2, and 3

   All Levels: Come as you are! All Levels classes are suitable for beginners, masters and everyone in between. These classes offer modifications so that you can customize your class to fit your specific needs and level of expertise. Level 1 -Beginner classes are designed for those who have had no previous exposure to yoga,

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Gentle Yoga

This class starts with 20-30 minutes of Ayurvedic lifestyle/heath and wellness advice followed by a 60 min gentle practice.

Lislie Bio

Sun Yoga

Sometimes you need an energetic start to your day. With Leslie’s morning Sun Yoga you will be able to start your day with a short meditation, followed by a flowing  sequence  of  sun  salutations.  The Surya  Namaskar,  flowing  sequence  of  sun  salutations,  has  been  practiced by  yogis  since  ancient  times.  It  is  an  integrated  practice  of  12  poses