Meditation for Beginners

Learn to meditate with Rachana Kulkarni a counselor from Puna India.  Join her on Saturday October 28th-Saturday November 18th from 3-pm.  Cost $80 if registered by October 21st afterward $90.

60% of this class is being DONATED to charity.  Come to help yourself and

in the process help others as well.


- To make students familiar with all the basics and science of meditation
- To help students experience a variety of meditation styles
- To enhance students’ motivation and confidence to start their own daily practice
Week 1
- Introduction to meditation
- Myths around meditations
- Scientifically proven benefits of meditation
- Reasons people meditate
- Brief meditation
Week 2
- 3 key ingredients of meditation
- Physiology of meditation & neuroplasticity
- Types of meditation
- Mindfulness & what it is
- Brief meditation
Week 3
- 3 ways meditation trains our attention
- Basics – when & where to meditate
- 5 Essentials for a successful meditation practice
-  A full length SEED meditation
Week 4
- 3 categories of possible experiences in meditation
- Expanded awareness
- Desires & meditation
- Guidelines for continuing the practice
Rachana is certified to teach meditation & mindfulness. She has a wonder and curiosity of the human mind, and pursued her education and profession in psychology and counseling in India. Her curiosity led her on a quest for understanding the mind, and she developed a desire to explore deeper. Rachana started with her personal meditation practice and acquired a broad knowledge of spirituality. She found it all so overwhelmingly beautiful that she felt compelled to share meditation with the world. Eventually she enrolled in McLean Meditation Institute, where she expanded her meditation knowledge and teaching experience. Rachana’s approach is compassionate and simple. She finds it a privilege to teach meditation to anyone with a willingness to learn, including reaching out as a volunteer. She has volunteered with homeless shelters in her community and conducted group meditation sessions
Who looks outside, dreams;  who looks inside, awakens.