Kundalini Yoga Basics Workshop

Nicole Pippin

August 12th Noon-2PM
Kundalini yoga is the yoga of awareness. 

It is taught through kriyas, or sets, that strengthen the nervous system, balance the glandular system, and purify the body while calming the mind.

Kundalini practice is an energetic practice that helps generate and transmute energy in a way that sheds light on imposed limitations and developes the intuitive mind.

Kriyas often use mudras (locks), pranayama (breath), asana (posture) and mantra to produce an elevated state of being and over time, an elevated state of consciousness. 

Join Nicole Pippin at the beautiful San Antonio Yoga Center August 12th to learn the basic practices in the kundalini practice including: the opening mantra, breath of fire, mulabhanda, sushumna, cakra centers, and sat kriya.

It is my intention to give the student the tools to be able to walk in to a kundalini practice and feel confident in taking part in the class.

The session  is $44 and the student will receive hand-outs including pronunciation of the mantra, song references on you-tube for continued learning, and step-by-step instructions to continue the practice from the comfort of your own home.

All registration will be done by emailing pippin.nicole@gmail.com, you are encouraged to pre-register or show up on the day of class ready for an uplifting energetic practice.

Nicole Pippin discovered the path of yoga in 2011 and has been practicing, teaching, writing and sharing ever since. She began Hatha Flow Teacher Training in 2012 and has since certified in Kundalini Yoga and Rainbow Kid’s Yoga. Nicole is also attuned to Reiki Healing and her greatest joy is to give students an experience of their own Divine Being through these different modalities.