Singing Bowl Chakra Clearing


Sandee a.k.a. the Singing Bowl Lady  is returning on June 18th!

From 6-7:30 

Join her welcoming  this Solstice Season relaxed, recharged & rebalanced.

Singing Bowl Chakra Clearing combines two very powerful forces – the energy of pure quartz crystal bowls & the energy of your very own chakra system – together, live! Join me in a guided, sonic journey through the chakra system … creating a space to reflect, refocus, and rebalance yourself.  This is a wonderful meditation and relaxation experience even for those new to the chakra system.  Seven bowls are played as you bask in the balancing tones of each chakra frequency.  Imagine being completely immersed in relaxing, deeply nourishing and empowering sound vibrations from quartz crystal singing bowls.  These powerful tones permeate your being … resonating your physical body and essence … leaving you wrapped in a sonic tapestry of your own unique experience.

Go to to register or contact Randy at the office 

Cost $25 

So come, relax into the edgeless energy of you … Be Bowled.